Las mesas de Vanessa

In love with dining out – Madrid


Estrella del Bajo Carrión is an amazing restaurant in a small village in Palencia. We loved it but it was a little far away to include it at Las Mesas de Vanessa. Hopefully some years ago one of the owners came to Madrid and opened Villoldo.

The menu, as well as in Palencia, traditional Spanish Castillan market cuisine.

In the Winter you can have a Castillan soup as an appetizer, thick tasty soup made with a special bread.


We shared an out of the menu dish, Eggs with trigueros and senderuelas (asparagus and mushrooms), Grilled octopus and Tigres (mussel croquettes).

Eggs_trigueros_senderuelas Grilled_octopus_villoldo

For main dish we chose Cochinillo (roasted pork) with fruit chutney, super crispy, melt in your mouth, great sweat and salty combination.


Also Roasted lamb, same as Cochinillo, flavorful and juicy.


For dessert you can have for example Natillas, typical Spanish custard.


The place is super cozy, 2 small lounges with very few tables and a little patio, it’s absolutely necessary to book in advance, you can make it online. Great for a family meal.

The price is around 40€ per person, for the quality of the food and the profesional service it’s a great price.

Calle de Lagasca, 134
910 22 45 52


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