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In love with dining out – Madrid

Hattori Hanzo

Madrid has a lot of Japanese restaurants, but almost all of them are sushi restaurants, that is why Hattori Hanzo is great news, a quality izakaya has opened in Madrid. Izakayas are the Japanese tapas bars, where you can go to have a beer and something light and casual to eat.

The place remembers me a place in Tokyo, Gonpachi, where the famous fight scene of Kill Bill was filmed. It’s quite big, it has a long bar, some tables at the entrance and a summer terrace yatai style, and the most popular area, at the back, where you can eat on the floor, but with space for your legs down the tables. It’s big but you’ll have to book it in advance, it’s quite crowed, specially for dinner.

So, as it is a tavern, you have to order some beers, they have Japanese draft beer (Kirin), the best, in my opinion. And with the beer some tapas: gyozas here are a essential choice.


Also the Karaage (marinated chicken), really light and tasty.


They have a robata for yakitoris that are one of their specialties, but this time we ordered Okonomiyaki, as it’s very difficult to find in Madrid, this one was as good as in Japan.


If you want something sweet they have some options, we ordered green tea and sesame ice creams, I know, nothing very special, it was really good, but next time we’ll chose the Dorayaki or the Matcha to Azuki Keki.


To sum up, a great place to go with friends to order some beers, gyozas and yakitoris to have a Japanese evening.

Good price, 20€ per person. Closed on Sundays.

Calle Mesonero Romanos 15. Telephone: 917 865 780.


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