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In love with dining out – Madrid


Viridiana (besides a Luis Buñuel movie) is a signature restaurant owned by Abraham García, one of the top Spanish chefs. It’s a classic, more than 30 years offerings his personal cuisine, and you can still find him almost everyday at Viridiana, cooking and chatting with the clients, suggesting the out-of-the-menu daily dishes, making the experience of eating at Viridiana more special, he is quite a character. It’s a place to enjoy tasty food, strong flavors, recipes with personality.

It’s an expensive restaurant, but the quality if the ingredients its really outstanding. Selected products, traditional recipes but with a personal fusion touch that makes the difference. It has 2 floors, I prefer upstairs, is more quiet, and the decoration is less traditional than downstairs, as it is a former cellar.

Try not to order too much as the food is strong, and they always serve some on-the-house appetizers, as this great Lentil casserole with curry and scallops.


If you have never been before you have to try the Egg with Boletus and  truffle mousse.


Last time I had this amazing dish made with Retinta (a special beef from Andalucía and Extremadura), tomato, potatoes and mushrooms, absolutely everything was a delicacy, exquisite.


Juan ordered Meatballs with peach, red curry and cous cous, spicy, tasty, aromatic.

viridiana 2

Last time they had this Crema catalana (Crème brûlée), I couldn’t eat more, but I also couldn’t leave neither the mint leaves!

viridiana 3

The cellar is superb, you can find really espectacular wines here, be careful with the price! :)

You’ll pay around 75€ per person, but it depends a lot on what you order. It worth a visit, at least, once in you life!

Calle Juan de Mena, 14. You should book before you go.


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