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In November 2009, Michelin awarded Diverxo their first Michelin star, in 2011, the second, and in November 2013, the third, and it’s surprising as it’s an atypical restaurant, non-traditional, non-luxury, it´s absolutely cutting edge. They say the food is Mediterranean with Chinese and Japanese influences, but is more than that, it must be extraterrestrial at least. David Muñoz is a genius.

David Muñoz

Picture: ABC

Flavors you have never had before and you have never imagine surprise you bite by bite. You have 2 menus to chose from, the short one with 8 dishes and the long one with 11, and different from table to table depending on your taste, the number of visits… they recommend the short one for the first time.

This time I prefer not to show you any picture, for 2 reasons, I was really busy delighting myself savoring and guessing every ingredient. The other reason is that I don’t want to spoil, keeping the secret of what you are going to find there increases the pleasure of the experience.

Make a reservation with months in advance, chose your menu, be open minded and enjoy, you will keep talking about it for months (until you get there again).

The menus are 115€ the short menu and 170€ the long menu, per person without wine.

If you want to get an idea of what is Diverxo without waiting to get a reservation and much cheaper, go to Streetxo, the “street-food” version of the main restaurant.

Calle del Pensamiento, 28 (until July 2014)


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