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In love with dining out – Madrid


Nakeima really offers a remarkable food experience, they call themselves a freestyle Asian food restaurant, and it’s true,  I’d also say it’s a casual bar that serve high level gourmet Asian tapas in an absolutely Madrid’s style, even though, at the same time it reminds me to the David Chang kind of place. They serve Madrid’s umami.

The first thing, and most difficult, is to get a place in the bar, you have to wait in line until half an hour before they open (that is 2pm for lunch and 9pm for dinner) when someone come to pointing you in the list,  I recommend arriving 1 hour before and wait at the door, trust me, it’s worthy. 20 people each shift, not only because of the available space, also because of their way, ingredients bought for the day, no waste.

At 2pm and 9pm Nakeima opens and you sit on a stool, then a really friendly staff tell you what they have today on the menu, everyday different. There are like 15 or 20 tapas to chose from, maybe you can have them all, everything is absolutely delicious. The staff is also a highlight, they explain passionately everything you need to know about the ingredientes and the cooking.

We have an amazing, fun and high quality dinner for 35€ each. I’m in love with this guys.













Calle Meléndez Valdés 54


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