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Punto MX

Punto MX makes you change your mind about the Mexican cuisine as you understood it. It’s the only restaurant I know that conceives Mexican food as a fine delicatessen, traditional and contemporary at the same time, amazing tasty ingredients for typical Mexican recipes combining traditional and cutting edge techniques. Maybe de “MX” stands for “mix” instead for “mex”.

While deciding what to eat I always order a La Virgen beer, a Madrid’s craft beer, with the complimentary starter:



The best opening is the Guacamole cart, I love it, the waiter come to your table and mix the delicious ingredients in front of you in the molcajete:






The plates usually have 2 portions to share, we started with Sopes with spicy (enchipotlados) shrimps and avocado:


Then Panuchos of cochinita pibil (pork). X’nipek with red onion and habanero chili:


My favorite, Tacos of green chorizo, San Simón cheese. Martajada sauce with toreado chiles (roasted jalapeño chiles):


Also Tacos of Galician octopus carnitas and chiles tatemados sauce:


This time they had Tamales, with huitlacoche mushrooms and it was crazy delicious! One portion is enough to share (also because we ordered too many other plates this night):


Although we had no room left we ordered a delicious dessert, Chocolate cake:


We paid 50€ each, and even though it’s not a budget price it’s one of the most difficult tables to book in Madrid, it can take months if you do it online (it’s easier to have lunch than dinner), or you have 2 options:
– call them on Mondays (there are some reserved tables that are released each Monday for the week):  91 402 2226 (from 12am to 10pm)
– go to the bar upstairs where you can (luckily) sit and enjoy their cocktails and Mexican tapas.

2 comentarios el “Punto MX

  1. Eatamadworld
    marzo 19, 2014

    I love this restaurant. It is without a doubt the best Mexican restaurant in Madrid!

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