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Yugo – Sushi & Kobe

I discovered this take away Japanese restaurant reading Jose Carlos Capel’s blog, although it’s just a walk from my place. I don’t usually like take away Japanese food, but this is the exception that proves the rule. The ingredients are of excellent quality and they prepare each order at the moment, so it’s like any other eat-in restaurant but at home.

Yugo is in Alcalá street, near Goya street. You can order online (1 hour before at least) and go to pick it up or wait for delivery if you live close (as I do).



We ordered Kobe mini-hamburgers with onion and Pedro Ximenez (an intensely sweet, dark, dessert sherry from Andalucía):


Nigiri: made with natural grated wasabi,  short grain rice, no transgenic soy and wild fish. We chose: Sockeye salmon, Bluefin tunaflambeed Kamatoro and Scallop with morcilla dust(black Spanish sausage), which was the one I liked most.


We also order a Tuna and Salmon donburi.


It’s the best choice I know for take away Japanese food (the only one actually), I’ll go to their eat-in restaurant to give it a try. You can only get in there if you are one of their members, or if you go with a member. In the meantime, you can have it to go.

About the price, as the chef says, “if a Japanese restaurant is good, ir can’t be cheap”. We paid for everything 60€ (with 2 kirin beers).

Alcalá, 122, telephone: 914 44 90 34 (Sundays closed)

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