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La Gastrocroquetería de Chema

Croquettes-mania! OMG! What a discovery! La Gastrocroquetería de Chema is the croquettes heaven, you may think croquettes are fine, but just that, you’ll change your mind in this lovely restaurant in Barco street in Madrid. They take the croquette as a category, not just a dish, they show with their recipes a lot of creativity and mastery.



We had Tex Mex croquettes (each tapa includes 2 units, but you can order more), made with guacamole, chicken and jalapeños, you could taste all these flavors. Then Duck and Foie Croquettes (my favorites), Sobrassada and chocolate (Juan’s favorites) and Liquid Cheese croquettes on Tomato confit and black olives (I’ve change my mind, these are my favorites).



In order to try other tapas besides croquettes we had this amazing Migas with curry and grapes, and a Shabu shabu of butterfish.


They have also sweet croquettes, so we ordered one of each: cheesecake, chocolate, tiramisu and oreo biscuits, I think the chocolate one and the cheesecake one are the best.


We paid 20€ each with a bottle of wine, so the price it’s as amazing as the croquettes! They also have fixed menus, and Sunday specials, I’m looking forward to try them.

Reservation required, 913 64 22 63.

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