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Chifa is a tiny little restaurant with asiatic techniques but peruvian and latin flavors. It’s a wooden box so the bright open metallic kitchen keeps your attention focused until the food comes. There are only 7 tables and a bar so reservations are mandatory.

Our last visit to Chifa was to celebrate my birthday, I like this place for celebrate. We order an out of the menu starter, it was a Rollito, like a big spring roll made with duck and vegetables but with a different sauce: pico de gallo. It was really delicious, not greasy at all, very fresh and fun to prepare, as they give you scissors to open the roll on the top to pour the sauce inside.


We ordered Empanaditas next, I think it’s the best starter they have, filled with chicken and cuitlacoche (mexican fungus). Impressive. You have to shake them before you eat to mix the inside ingredients.

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For main dish (you can also share if you like) I ordered homemade Noodles (Argentinian style) with pork and crab, very tasty, I loved them. And Juan ordered Seco, a lamb stew with Chinese mash potatoes and thai basil, really fresh, it tasted like a curry somehow.

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Another night we ordered Chaufa Peking rice with duck, it’s my favorite:



And their famous Cebiche, with corvina, scallops and razor clams:



We ordered 2 desserts also, a Chocolate mousse and a Creme broulé, terrific both of them.

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You can have a great dinner like this for less of 40€ each.

They are closed on Sundays, call for reservations: 915 34 75 66 (I think they doesn’t have website)

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